Foundation repairs, retaining walls, piling systems

Driveway and patio reinforcing

Got cracks in your driveway?
Avoid cracking in your new concrete driveway or patio.
Most new home builders (and many concrete contractors) do not reinforce driveways and patios with rebar due to the added cost.  It is generally not required by building codes to install rebar but with all the rain and unstable soils in Western Washington it’s a semi cheap insurance to install it in when you have the option.  For the average driveway or patio, adding ½” diameter rebar at 2’ on center each way would add in the range of $1.00 to $1.50 per square foot for labor & materials depending on complexity of the project.  By adding fiber mesh to your concrete mix you can significantly reduce the likelihood of smaller hairline cracks.
However, concrete does shrink and some small hairline cracking may occur, but with proper reinforcement, your new investment will not break up and fall apart.
These products are certainly an added cost but much cheaper that potentially having to replace your new concrete a few years later!

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