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Foundation repair testimonial

“I want to thank you for the wonderful job you did for me on my duplex.  I do not have a single complaint.  A particular loving shout out to Levi who kindly led the daily work, even when he was ill.  A special thank you to Eric, Jesus and Andy who stayed through the duration of the project and are gracious hard workers.  I know from being a health care worker there is a team behind them like Chris, Rich and the office staff.
Greg and Ron, thanks for bringing such a fabulous team together and assigning them to my project.
All the careful attention to detail to make the base of my house the best it can be.  I love the fact that my crawl space will no longer be home to the neighborhood wildlife, that my drainage system is of this century, and my floors are level so I can move forward with the rest of the remodel knowing my foundation is solid.
It was a delight to have you surround my home for the two months you were here.
Honoring your good work, Jan.”
Jan A.     Seattle, WA

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Renton foundation repair & leveling project

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