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Queen Anne Seattle Basement & Bunker Garage

This was a fun project!!  We took an early 1900’s home with a partial 6′ tall basement, created 9′ finished ceilings and a 2 car deep concrete bunker garage.  Nearly 800 yards of dirt was excavated and exported off this site.  Over 200 yards of concrete was poured between the new foundation, floors, bunker garage walls & roof, hardscape stairs, walks, new driveway entry and city sidewalk.  Extensive waterproofing and drainage was installed to guarantee no water leaks.


DCF 1.0DCF 1.0

DCF 1.0 DCF 1.0 DCF 1.0


The original chimney structurally was in good shape so we were able to shore it up and pour a new foundation under it.

DCF 1.0

You have to have some fun along the way, right!!  The owners had this large big screen T.V. that had to be dismantled before it even fit into the original basement.  It was easier to complete half of the demolition, remove the T.V. from the side of the house, transport with a Bobcat Loader to a truck and haul to the recyclers than pay movers to pack it out of the house.

DCF 1.0qab24

A wood floor system was framed to create a bottom form for the bunker garage lid.

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qab47 qab50 qab49 DCF 1.0qab45                                                                                                                                                                                           Suspended concrete stairs!

DCF 1.0 DCF 1.0

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