Foundation repairs, retaining walls, piling systems

Building it right since 1946


We specialize in
– Foundation repairs
– Piling systems
– House & chimney raising and leveling
– Commercial machine bases
– Helical anchor systems
– Retaining walls

16442 SE Renton-Issaquah Road
Renton, WA 98059


Residential foundation repair
– stabilize house foundations
– raise and level settling homes & chimneys.
Foundation additions

Foundations and basements under existing houses

Repair leaking foundations

– patch cracks in foundation
– repair or replace damaged drainage systems
Lower basement floors

Architectural concrete work

– driveways
– walkway
– city sidewalks
– retaining walls of all sizes
Seawall and bulkhead repair and construction

Hillside stabilization and landslide repair

– geo-webbing
– geo-foam fill
-tiered retaining walls
Helical anchors installed for new constructions and existing foundation
and retaining wall repair

Light commercial, industrial & apartment buildings
Misc structural repairs to:

– concrete structures
– wood structures
– steel structures
– concrete floor/slab repair and replace
– machine pits and equipment bases
– loading docks – wood or concrete

Helical anchors and foundation repair brackets provided by Helical Supply LLC.helical supply